ekofertile™ plant

ekofertile™ Liquid is a plant biostimulant for fertilizing ornamental and cultivated plants

The preparation in the form of an aqueous suspension of a liquid concentrate contains active microbial organisms and naturally produced organic acids as their metabolite. These have a complex effect on plants by stimulating the nutritional process and improving the efficiency of nutrient utilization. ekofertile™ plant increases the availability of nutrients in the soil, has a positive influence on the quality characteristics of the plants and increases their tolerance to abiotic stress.

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Product sheet

Easy application

Use ekofertile™ by spraying / irrigation or by mixing it with soil

Ekofertile™ Liquid is a water-miscible liquid concentrate that is applied by spraying / irrigation.
For leaf treatment, ekofertile™ is applied to the surface of the plants – to promote the development of the plant and aid in the prevention of disease and pests. For soil treatment, ekofertile™ is applied directly into the soil.

Method of application:

Please check out the following illustrations for the application of ekofertile™ Liquid:


Pour the measured amount of the product into the tanks of the sprayer and add volume of water as described below:

Packing size, storage
& shelf life:

Product is packed in canisters: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 1000 litres. We advice to store ekofertile™ plant in the originally closed containers in a dark place at a temperature of approx. 10-25 °C. Protect from frost, fire, and direct sunlight. If stored in the undamaged original packaging and if the storage conditions are observed, 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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