ekofertile™ soil – 5 kg bucket


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Biofertilizer for soil fertilization ekofertile™ soil consists of a valuable mixture of bacteria, organic acids and natural minerals developed to improve the soil, grow healthier plants and produce healthy and tasty food. Improves plant health, growth and yield. Application by mixing in the soil or spreading over the soil.


ekofertile™ soil is a valuable mix of:
• plants growth promoting bacteria microlive® and their nutrition ekocomplex® – which improve taste of the fruit/vegetable, health and growth of the plants, renew soil microflora and improve plants nutrients uptake;
• organic acids additionally supporting plants growth with pesticide effect;
• dissolved natural minerals from which are micro and macronutrients important for plants (Fe, Mg, Zn, P, K, C etc.).

Benefits and recommendations for use:
• Improves the soil structure and soil air balance
• Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil
• Improves the buffering properties of the land
• Promotes root growth, increases plant biomass, increases fruit yields
• Increases nutrient availability for plants in the soil
• Positively influences the quality characteristics of plants
• Increases the tolerance of plants to abiotic stress
• Provides the plants with important nutrients from minerals
• Stimulates plant growth and increases yield and quality of plants
• Favors the plant’s energy balance
• Encourages and stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms and activates soil life
• Reduces residues of herbicides and toxic substances in the soil
• Promotes the germination rate and the development of root seedlings

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Weight 5 kg


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